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Death Benefit is payable to the spouse and dependent children (including adopted and step children) of an Insured person who died as a direct result of Employment Injury. Where there is no spouse and/or dependent children, the benefit may be payable to dependent parents and, if there are none, to dependent grand-parents of the deceased; provided that the parents or grand-parents as the case may be are over the age of 60, and were dependent on the Insured Person. The surviving spouse is paid one half of the amount the deceased would have received as Injury Benefit had he submitted a claim. Each of the surviving children is paid 1/6 of the remainder of the available benefit. However, where the pension available for distribution in respect of all the children is insufficient to enable payment to be made to each child, the Board shall decide to which of the children the benefit should be paid.

Conditions to be satisfied by the widow or widower, children, parents, or grand-parents of the deceased:

  1. The widow or widower must have been wholly or mainly maintained by the deceased at the time of death.
  2. Eligible children must be below the age of 18; wholly or mainly maintained by the deceased at the date of death, unemployed, and unmarried.
  3. If at the time of death there were no surviving spouse or dependent children, a dependent parent or, if there is no such parent, a dependent grand-parent shall be entitled to one half of the available pension, provided that such parent or grand-parent had already attained the age of 60. If there is more than one parent or grand-parent as the case may be, the available pension will be shared equally among them. Such pension is payable for life.
  4. Death Benefit payable to a widower or widow shall cease on his/her remarriage or cohabitation with a woman or man as husband or wife as the case may be.
  5. A person in receipt of Death benefit is responsible for informing the DSS office if there is any change of circumstances affecting his continued rights to such benefit.
  6. A person in receipt of a Death benefit is required to complete a Certificate of Life form every year as proof that he is alive, and is in receipt of his benefit.

Documents to be presented by persons claiming Death Benefit:

  1. A Death Benefit Application form must be duly completed for each Claimant (including children, or parents, or grand parents as the case may be)
  2. A Birth Certificate in respect of each claimant.
  3. The Death Certificate of the deceased.
  4. The Social Security card of the deceased.
  5. The Marriage certificate.
  6. Any other evidence prescribed by the Director.
Where the couple was not married, but living together in a common-law union for at least three years, the surviving partner must present a notarized document certifying the union.
All Claims for Death benefit must be submitted to the DSS within 3 months from the date on which the Claimant became entitled to it.