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Disablement Benefit is payable to an Insured person who has exhausted his entitlement to Employment Injury benefit (which is payable for a maximum period of 26 weeks), and is payable for the duration of the disability. In order to qualify for Disablement Pension the insured person must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. He must present a medical report in support of his claim;
    A Disablement Benefit Application form must be duly completed by the Claimant.
  2. His degree of disability must be medically certified as being no less than 30%.
  3. The DSS reserves the right to have the beneficiary reviewed periodically by one or more Medical Referees appointed by the DSS Board to determine continued eligibility to the benefit.
  4. He must not engage in any activity which could result in the Disqualification of his claim.
  5. A person in receipt of Disablement pension is required to complete a Certificate of Life form every year as proof that he is alive, and in receipt of his pension.
All Claims for Disablement benefit must be submitted to the DSS within 3 months from the date on which the Claimant became entitled to it.