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Sickness Benefit is a benefit payable to an Insured Person who is rendered temporarily incapable of work as a result of a specific disease or bodily or mental disablement. The benefit is payable at the rate of 60% of the Claimant’s Average Weekly Insurable Earnings for a maximum period of 6 months of medically certified illness.

Following are the requirements which must be satisfied for an Insured Person to qualify for Sickness Benefit:

  1. A Medical Certificate must be presented certifying that the Claimant will be incapable of work for at least 4 days.
  2. A Sickness Benefit Application form must be duly completed by the Claimant.
  3. The Claimant must have been insured with the DSS for at least 13 weeks.
  4. He must have been employed for at least 8 weeks in the last 13 weeks immediately prior to the start of the illness.
  5. He must have been at work on the day immediately preceding the illness.
  6. He must not have engaged in any activity which could result in the Disqualification of his claim.
All Claims for Sickness benefit must be submitted to the DSS within 4 working days of the date of issue of the Medical Certificate, and the Employer Certificate (found on the reverse side of the Medical Certificate) must be duly completed by the employer before the claim is submitted.