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  1. In the Employer Details section state:

    • Business Name
    • Employer’s Name
    • Address etc
  2. In the “Employee Name” column please state the full Name of the employee (surname first, with a comma separating the surname from the name.
  3. In the “Number” column, please state the Social Security Number of each employee. The Social Security Number is made up of four letters followed by nine numerals, i.e. a total of 13 characters.
  4. In the “Pay Frequency” column, please state the Method of Payment of wages in respect of each employee i.e. “M”=Monthly paid; or “W”=Weekly paid.
    In the Job Description section, please state the employees’ occupation.
  5. In the section titled “Cont. Rate” please state the employees’ rate of contribution i.e. whether 10.75% (for Employees Without Redundancy) or 11% (for Employees With Redundancy).
  6. In the column titled “Date of Comm/Term” please state the exact date on which the employee commenced employment, or the exact date on which the employee’s employment terminated if such Commencement or Termination occurred during the month in which the contributions are being paid. If the employees’ employment did not commence or end during the month in question, the section should be left blank. Note also, that a Date of Termination should be bracketed e.g. (28/10/07) whereas a date of Commencement of employment should not be bracketed e.g. 28/10/07.
  7. In the “Gross Weekly Earnings” section please insert:

    • In the “Date” section, insert the date on which the employees were paid.
    • The weekly earnings received by Weekly paid employees must be recorded in the corresponding week in which the payment was made. Please use the DSS Calendar as a guide. The weekly wages recorded in columns 1 to 5 should be added, and the total derived should be entered in the “Total Wages” column.
    • Earnings received by Monthly paid employees should be entered in the “Total Wages” column, and X’s placed in columns 1 to 5.
  8. In the section titled “Contributions” enter the corresponding employees’ contributions (4% of employee’s wages) in the “Employee Due” section. The corresponding “Employer Due” (refer to #vi above) and “Total Due” contributions should be entered in the respective columns.
  9. Add up the amounts in the “Total Due” column and enter total in the “Current Liability” section.
  10. If the contributions are being paid late i.e. after the 14th, add 10% of the “Current Liability” amount, and enter the sum total in the “Total Liability” section.
  11. The form should be duly signed, and the Total Liability immediately paid to the Social Security office.
  12. Please note that the form should be completed in duplicate. Both copies should be brought to the Social Security office when making payment. The Cashier will keep the original copy, and stamp and return the duplicate to you.