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  1. The Board may designate such officers or employees in its service as it thinks fit to be Inspectors for the purpose of this Act.
  2. Every Inspector shall be furnished with a certificate of his appointment and, on applying for admission to any premises or place for the purposes of this Act, shall produce the certificate.
  3. The premises or places liable to inspection under this section shall include any premises or place where an inspector has reasonable cause to believe that any persons are employed, whether or not such premises or place is used exclusively for residential purposes.
  4. An Inspector shall, for the purposes of this Act have power to enter at all reasonable times, any premises or place liable to inspection under this Act, and there, make any examination or enquiry necessary for the purposes of this Act, and to require the production of any documents relating to contributions or liability to contribute to the Fund, for inspection by him on the said premises or place, and to copy such documents or make extracts therefrom.
  5. The occupier of any premises or place liable to inspection under this section, and any other person who is, or has been employing any person, and the servants or agents of any such occupier, or other person, shall furnish to an Inspector all such information, and shall produce for his inspection all such documents as the Inspector may reasonably require.
  6. Any person who, without reasonable cause, obstructs, impedes, hinders, molests or refuses admission to an Inspector in the exercise of any of his powers under this section, or refuses or neglects to furnish any information, or produce any document when required to do so under this section, is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1,000.00.