Welcome To The Dominica Social Security Official Website

  1. For all Long-Term benefits, the appropriate Application form must be completed and submitted along with the Insured person’s Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.
  2. A Bank Payment Order form must be completed to indicate at which bank the pension should be lodged.
  3. Persons who have worked in other Caricom countries should indicate periods of employment and submit all other Social Security/NIS numbers when submitting claim.
  4. Claims being made in respect of Invalidity benefit or Disablement benefit, must be accompanied by a Medical Report certifying the state of incapacity.
  5. For claims being made in respect of Survivors benefit, the following must also be presented:

    • Death Certificate
    • The Marriage certificate (where applicable)
    • A notarized statement confirming the union were the relationship was common-law
    • The Birth Certificate of each of the claimants.
  6. Claims for Funeral Grant, must be supported by a copy of the Death Certificate and the bills/receipts for the Funeral expenses in the name of the Claimant. If the person who actually met the expenses wishes to have the Grant paid to a different person, a letter to this effect must be written to the Director.