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Self-employed persons currently qualify for Long-Term benefits. The benefit payable is a function of the number of Contributions (or Credits) which a person has recorded against his account, and his average income for the best 3 of the last 10 working years. Having determined the Claimant’s Average earnings, the Claimant is paid a percentage of such Average Earnings. The percentage payable depends on the number of Credits that the person has earned during his insurable years. (Please see the Pension Percentage Computation Chart for the percentage equivalency).

It is of interest to not that while the total Social Security contributions paid by a Self-employed person is 8.65% of his income, the minimum Pension for which he may qualify is 30% of his AWIE.
The Long-term benefits being paid by DSS are as follows:

  • Age Pension
  • Age Grant
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Invalidity Grant
  • Survivors Pension
  • Survivors Grant
In addition, a lump sum Funeral Grant is provided to assist with the burial expenses of an Insured Person, his or her spouse, and/or their dependent children. The Grant is payable to the person(s) who has met, or is liable to meet the burial expenses.