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Please note that with effect from 2012, and consequent upon amendments to the Social Security legislation, the Pensionable Age (i.e. the age at which an Insured Person becomes eligible for an Age Pension from the DSS) will increase incrementally by six (6) months every year – until the year 2021, when the Pensionable Age will be set at Age 65.

Notwithstanding such incremental increase in the Pensionable Age, provisions have been made whereby persons, who wish to do so, can opt to receive their Age Pension earlier than the normal Pensionable Age that will be in effect at a particular point in time. In that regard, age 60 shall remain the age at which Age Pensions first become payable, but at a reduced rate of 1/2 % per month for every full month prior to the established Pensionable Age that the pension is so taken.
Against that background, the chart below will assist in determining when Insured Persons will become eligible for their full Age Pension and, thus, the Pensionable Age that will be applicable to them.

Pensionable Age Computation Chart

Year ofBirth Month of Birth(Month Range) Retirement
Year Age
1952 January – June 2012 60 1/2
July – December 2013 61
1953 January – June 2014 61 1/2
July – December 2015 62
1954 January – June 2016 62 1/2
July to December 2017 63
1955 January – June 2018 63 1/2
July – December 2019 64
1956 January – June 2020 64 1/2
July – December 2021 65
After 1956 65

(N.B. 1/2 year = 6 Months)

How to use the above chart
In order to determine the Pensionable Age for an Insured Person, first select his year of birth, then move across (in the same row) to select the Month Range during which he was born. The next two adjacent cells indicate, respectively, the year during which he will reach the Pensionable Age applicable to him and the said Pensionable Age.

For example, a person born in April 1954 will attain his Pensionable Age of 62 1/2 (i.e. 62 years and 6 months) in October 2016 – at which time he will become eligible to receive his full pension. Similarly, a person who was born in November 1955 will qualify for his full pension in November 2019 when he reaches the Pensionable Age of 64 – which is applicable to him.